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Mailing Address
101 W. Renner Rd.
Suite 300
Richardson, TX 75082

Office: (469) 449-1516

Fax: (469) 449-1517


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Feel free to call us with questions or concerns. We look forward to working with you on your Public Entity needs.

Dallas Office

Name Position Phone Number Email
Mark Dillard President 469.449.1520 [email protected]
Jan Skovberg Vice President 210.729.9875 [email protected]
Donald Moseley Senior Underwriter 903.283.5204 [email protected]
Chris Fuller Vice President 832.257.0904 [email protected]
Pamela Boggs Assistant Underwriter 469.449.1528 [email protected]
Susan McGinnis Senior Underwriter 469.449.1523 [email protected]
Michelle Barraza Underwriter 469.449.1530 [email protected]
Kristi Matthews Underwriting Assistant 469.449.1521 [email protected]
Dawn Wilson Technical Processor 469.449.1527 [email protected]
Ashlea McCampbell Technical Processor 469.449.1526 [email protected]
Elaine Perez Office Manager 469.449.1525 [email protected]

Public Risk Underwriters of Texas, Inc.
101 W. Renner Rd., Suite 300
Richardson, TX 75082
Main: 469.449.1516
Fax: 469.449.1517

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