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Public Risk Underwriters of Texas

Texas Public Officials InsurancePublic Risk Underwriters of Texas has been an industry leader in the management of Professional Liability exposures for non-profit, educational and public entities since 1994. Our experience and in depth understanding of this class of business has earned the respect of our carriers. That confidence affords us the flexibility and authority to offer the most extensive terms to meet the needs of even the most unique situations. Over the years, our forms have continually evolved to provide the broadest coverage available for both state and civil actions.

Texas Educators Legal (School) InsuranceWe were previously part of the Governmental Programs Division within US Risk, Inc. from 1994 to May 2005. In June 2005, we were acquired to join the Public Risk Underwriter family. We operate through our network of specialized wholesale and retail producers seeking Public Entity Professional Liability for their clients.

Texas Law Enforcement (Police) InsurancePublic Risk Underwriters of Texas is a Managing General Underwriter of first dollar, primary Public Officials, Educators Legal (both inclusive of EPLI) and Law Enforcement Legal Liability Insurance. These lines of coverage are specially designed for public entities through our carrier partner, which is an AM Best A rated carrier.


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